Reconditioned General Electric 5 KV LimitAmp Motor Control Center with a PowerVac 1200 amp Main Vacuum Circuit Breaker, 4 each 400 amp FVNR Vacuum Starters and 1 each 700 amp Vacuum Circuit Breaker. The lineup included an all new relay and protection package with 1 each GE Multilin 750 Feeder Protection Relay, 1 each GE EPM 6000 Multifunction Power Metering System, 4 each GE Multilin 469 Motor Protection Relays, 1 each GE Multilin 735 Feeder Protection Relay, 1 each GE Multilin ML810 Compact Hardened Ethernet Switch and 2 each Startco SE 330 Neutral Grounding Resistor Monitors.