Atlas Electric Line Continuation Panel Model LCP-2 with the following major components and features:

  • 2 each New Startco SE105 G.F.G.C. Monitor with RK105 Remote Reset
  • 480-120 Volt CPT with Fuses
  • 2 each EATON E2J 225a, 1125-2250 Thermal/Mag Trip with New 120 Volt UVR Wired to New Cooper X8346-8 Receptacles with Cap
  • New X8347-13 Incoming gear mount plug
  • 2 each Cable Operators with Lock-out Provisions
  • 2 each New Grace Voltage Vision Voltage Indicator, CAT# R-3W2-KB (2ea outgoing feeders)
  • Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Construction with Mounting Provisions top and bottom
  • Powder Coated Safety Yellow
  • All wiring to form a working package