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NEW SURPLUS Sunbelt Padmount Transformer 14400-13800-13200-12870-12470-12000-11700 Multi-tap primary voltage, 480Y/277 secondary voltage, three phase, 65 degree C rise, Class ONAN, Aluminum Windings.

E-House with General Electric PowerVac 5 KV Switchgear and accessories, originally manufactured in 2008. The Switchgear lineup includes one 3000 amp breaker Type VB1H 4.16-350-0, two 2000 amp breakers Type VB1 4.160-350-3, and two 1200 amp breakers Type VB1 4.16-350-3. The E-House was designed to accommodate additional  switchgear which Atlas Electric can provide along with any other modifications required to suit your application.

NEW SURPLUS  500 KVA Federal Pacific Dry Transformer 4160-480Y/277 volt, three phase, 5.62% Impedance, Class AA, 150 degree C rise, 220 degree insulation sytem, copper windings, N-3R enclosure.


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