Shipping Container housed Power Distribution Center with the following major components:

  • Atlas Electric custom manufactured 5 KV, 1200 amp switchgear with a main non-fused load interrupter switch, 5 each Becker SMC 600 amp vacuum circuit breakers, 5 each Schweitzer 751A feeder protection relays, 5 each PEMCO PEM 579 high voltage ground check relay
  • Remote vacuum circuit breaker control cabinet
  • MGM 225 KVA dry transformer 4160-480Y/277 volt
  • Square D 400 amp, 480Y/277 volt panelboard
  • 15 KVA dry transformer 480-240/120 volt and LV panelboard
  • 3’x7’ steel man door
  • 2 each forced air heaters
  • Interior lighting