1ea New Under Ground Portable Skid Designed for lifting or towing in either direction
1ea New dry type transformer, core and coil construction 1000 KVA 4160×13800 – 480Y/277 Volts
1ea New ABB 5/15 KV, 600 Amp Fusible Load Break Switch with Proper
1ea New ABB 5/15 KV, 600 Amp Non-Fusible Load Break
3ea New 5 KV Surge Arrestors
1ea 1200A Secondary Main Circuit Breaker
10ea Eaton E2J 225A Mine Duty Circuit Breakers with 120V UVR’s
10ea New SMS X8346 Receptacles with Caps, 225 Amp
10ea New Startco SE 105 GF/GC monitors with RK-105 remote resets
1ea New Startco SE 325 Neutral Ground Resistor Monitor, ER 600 VC and RK 325 Remote Reset
1ea New 10a Neutral Grounding Resistor
1ea Lot New Lid Switches and E-stop
1ea New 5 KVA 480:120/240VAC CPT with Distribution Panel and GFCI receptacles