Container Housed Power Distribution Center with the following features and integration of major components:

  • Interior Insulated, Framed, and Sheeted with Formed Steel Panels
  • Interior Wall with Door
  • Exterior Fireproof Door with Window and Panic Hardware
  • 2 each Eaton Ampguard 1500 HP, 5 KV, Solid State Reduced Voltage Starters with output wired to TJB Receptacles
  • GE Spectra Series 1200 Amp 480 volt Main Breaker Switchboard with large assortment of feeder Circuit Breakers wired to Cooper and Appleton Receptacles
  • 2 each 5 Ton Wall Mounted HVAC Units
  • 100 KVA Dry Transformer 480-380Y/220 volt connected to a Distribution Panel
  • 45 KVA Dry Transformer 480-208Y/120 volt connected to a Lighting Distribution Panel
  • Interior Lighting including Exit Lighting, and Emergency Lighting