Battery Energy Storage Power Conversion Skid with the following major features and components:
• Heavy duty wide flange skid designed for lifting or towing in either direction
• MCM 15 KV 600 Amp Fused Load Interrupter Switch, N3R with Potential Transformer and Current transformers for Schweitzer SEL-351Relay Input
• 2500 KVA Pad-Mount Transformer 8320-450Y/260 VAC
• 3000 Amp Bolted Pressure Switch
• Siemens 3000 Amp Main Breaker Switchboard with assorted 150-3000 Amp Feeder Breakers
• 3 each CAB1000 Inverters 450VAC-1000VDC
• 150 KVA Dry Transformer 450-208Y/120 VAC
• RussElectric Automatic Transfer Switch
• Lighting Panel 208Y/120 VAC