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1000 KVA Mine Power Center with the following:

  • Heavy Duty Underground Skid designed for vertical and horizontal lifting, hauling or skidding
  • 5 KV Fused Load Break Switch with visible viewing window and lockout provisions
  • 1000 KVA Mine Duty Dry Transformer 4160-480Y/277 volt, three phase (transformer braced for vertical lifting)
  • Cimco Model 21 Temperature Monitor and over-temp warning beacon
  • Main Circuit Eaton 1200 amp with 120 VAC Shunt Trip
  • Five each Eaton E2J225 Feeder Circuit Breakers with UVR
  • Three each Eaton E2K400 Feeder Circuit Breakers with UVR
  • Eight each Pemco 21059 Ground Fault Ground Check Monitors
  • Patton & Cooke 225 amp and 325 amp Receptacles
  • HV Incoming and Feed Thru Cable Gland
  • Distribution Class Surge Arrestors
  • Neutral Grounding Resistor
  • Startco SE325 NGR Monitor
  • Schweitzer SEL-735 Power Quality and Revenue Meter with Ethernet option
  • 3 each 100 KVAR Power Factor Correction Capacitors with circuit breakers and Contactors
  • 10 KVA Dry Transformer 480-240/120 volt, single phase and LV distribution panel

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