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Low Voltage Switchgear

Stock Number Buy Photos ManufacturerTypeAmp RatingVoltageSystemEnclosureCondition
LVSG00001 BuySquare DPOWERZONE 432004803P4WN3RUsed
LVSG100 WestinghouseDS-II16004803P4WN1Used
LVSG101 WestinghouseDS16004803P4WN1Used
LVSG102 WestinghouseDS16004803P4WN1Used
LVSG103 WestinghouseDS16004803P4WN1Used
LVSG104 WestinghouseDS16004803P4WN1Used
LVSG105 SiemensLA1600480N1Used
LVSG107 Square DPOWERZONE II20004803P4WN1Used
LVSG108 Square DPOWERZONE II20004803P4WN1Used
LVSG110 Square DPOWERZONE II20004803P4WN1Used
LVSG111 Square DPOWERZONE II20004803P4WN1Used
LVSG114 General ElectricAV-LINE4000480N1Used
LVSG117 Cutler HammerPOW-R-LINE30002083P4WN1Used
LVSG126 BuyITEK-LINE16004803P4WN1Used
LVSG128 BuyGeneral ElectricAKD1600480N1New Surplus
LVSG133 Cutler HammerDS-II40004803P3WN1Used
LVSG135 Cutler HammerDS-II16006003P3WN1Used
LVSG139 Cutler HammerMAGNUM DS32004803P4WN1Used
LVSG142 Cutler HammerDS40004803P3WN1Used
LVSG147 SiemensRL4000480N3RUsed

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