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Atlas Electric specializes in low and medium voltage motor control with a huge inventory in all of the leading brands.  We can supply you with new, surplus and reconditioned starters, parts and accessories in both current and hard to find obsolete models. Whether it is a replacement MCC bucket, complete MCC lineup, reduced voltage starter or UL 508A listed custom control cabinet we carry it all. Purchase Open Starters on line from our web store.

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Photo gallery of our recent Motor Control Projects. Click on any photo to view a larger image.

Siemens type GM-SG Indoor Metal-Clad 5KV Switchgear and Series 81000 Medium Voltage Motor Control Center with the following major components: 2000 amp GMSG main-tie-main vacuum circuit breakers with Schweitzer  SEL-751A and GE Multilin 850 Feeder Protection Relays, two each 720 amp  4000HP FVNR vacuum starters with  GE Multilin 350 Feeder Protection Relays, nine each 400 amp FVNR vacuum starters with Schweitzer 869 Feeder Protection Relays, six each 400 amp FVNR vacuum starters with GE Multilin 350 Feeder Protection Relays. The switchgear and MCC also included the integration of an Arc Flash Detection System.      

Reconditioned Cutler Hammer Ampgard 5 KV Motor Control Center with the following major components:


RECONDITIONED General Electric Limit-Amp 5 KV Motor Control Center with a 1200 Amp Main Fused Load Interrupter Switch, NEW PQMII Monitor, NEW Startco SE-330 NGR Relay, and 4 each Limit-Amp 400 Amp Full Voltage Non-Reversing Vacuum Starters. Two of the Starters were equipped with GE 469 Motor Protection Relay’s, one with a GE Multilin 745 Transformer Protection Relay and latching contactor. The fourth Starter was a spare without any protection relay’s included. 

RECONDITIONED Allen Bradley Centerline Motor Control Center with 45 vertical sections arranged into 6 individual lineups. The lineups included a wide variety of starter buckets, circuit breaker feeder buckets and included the integration of 20 each NEW Powerflex 755 Variable Frequency Drives 15-50 HP as well as 5 each NEW SMC –Flex Solid State Reduced Voltage Starters 100-500 HP.

RECONDITIONED Cutler Hammer Freedom Series Motor Control Center with the following:

Custom Control Cabinet with the following major components:

Reconditioned General Electric 5 KV LimitAmp Motor Control Center with a PowerVac 1200 amp Main Vacuum Circuit Breaker, 4 each 400 amp FVNR Vacuum Starters and 1 each 700 amp Vacuum Circuit Breaker. The lineup included an all new relay and protection package with 1 each GE Multilin 750 Feeder Protection Relay, 1 each GE EPM 6000 Multifunction Power Metering System, 4 each GE Multilin 469 Motor Protection Relays, 1 each GE Multilin 735 Feeder Protection Relay, 1 each GE Multilin ML810 Compact Hardened Ethernet Switch and 2 each Startco SE 330 Neutral Grounding Resistor Monitors.    

Two lineups of Reconditioned Allen Bradley 2100 Series Motor Control Center. Includes 36 assorted starters size 1 through size 3 and 12 each assorted circuit breaker feeder buckets.

Reconditioned General Electric LimitAmp 5KV Motor Control Center with 2 each 400 amp vacuum starters equipped with Multilin 369 Motor Protection Relay’s.

Reconditioned Square D Iso-Flex Model 3 FVNR 5 KV Starter equipped to control a 450 HP 4160 volt motor with a GE Multilin 369 Motor Management Relay and a bus transition section for connecting to our customer’s existing switchgear. The job also included the installation of a new GE Multilin 750 Feeder Management Relay in the existing switchgear.    

Reconditioned Allen Bradley 150 HP Solid State Reduced Voltage Starter, SMC Dialog Plus Catalog # 150-B180NBP with By-Pass Contactor and Stop/Start Pushbuttons.   

Reconditioned General Electric Limitamp 5 KV Latching Contactor Catalog # CR194A118B2, 400 amp, 4160-115 volt CPT and New GE Multilin 735 overcurrent relay.    

Allen Bradley Size 3 Combination Starters with Startco SE-105 Ground Fault/Pilot Check Monitors, Startco RK-105 Door Mounted Remote Reset, Control Power Transformer, Stop/Start Pushbuttons and Run Pilot Light.   

Custom Control Cabinet with a 600 amp Main Circuit Breaker, Square D 200 HP Solid State Reduced Voltage Starter and By-Pass Contactor, Size 5 FVNR Starter, 2 ea. Size 2 FVNR starters, 3 ea. Size 1 FVNR Starters, 7.5 KVA CPT, UL 508A Label.  

Custom Control Cabinet and inter-connecting wiring for customers Wash Plant. Cabinet included a main circuit breaker and eleven reconditioned starters with HMCP’s size 1 through size 3 FVNR.   

Reconditioned Allen Bradley 2100 Series Motor Control Center. Includes 6 each size 1 FVNR starters and 1 each size 5 Auto Transformer Type Reduced Voltage starter.  

Custom Control Cabinet and inter-connecting wiring for customers Hydraulic Grizzly Feeder.  

Allen Bradley 2100 Series Motor Control Center with 600 amp incoming main lugs, 1 each size 3 FVNR starter, 7 ea. size 1 FVNR starter and 1 ea. size 1 FVR starter.

Reconditioned Allen Bradley Centerline-HVC 5KV 1200HP Synchronous Motor Starter included 400 amp Bulletin 1502-V4C1D1 vacuum contactor, New GE Multilin 469 Motor Management Relay, New GE SPM Synchronous Motor Protection and Control Relay, and New Field Excitation Package. 

Custom Control Cabinet for wireless remote control operation of customers Vibrating Grizzly Feeder includes NEMA 4 enclosure, Futaba Transmitter and Receiver, 120-24 VDC Power Supply, interconnecting wiring to motor starter and controls.

Custom Control Cabinet with all interconnecting control and motor wiring for customers Portable Wash Plant includes new NEMA 4 cabinet, reconditioned main circuit breaker, 1 each reconditioned Allen Bradley size 3 starter, 4 each reconditioned Allen Bradley size 2 starters, reconditioned Westinghouse HMCP for each starter, stop start pushbuttons.        

Reconditioned Westinghouse 2100 NEMA 3R Motor Control Center includes 600/300 amp buss, main incoming lugs, 11 each size 1 FVNR starters, 3 each size 2 FVNR starters, 2 each size 3 FVNR starters, 15KVA 600-120/240 volt transformer and distribution panel, control wiring to terminal strip for connection to customer supplied stop start stations. 

Custom Control Cabinet for customers Screen Plant includes new NEMA 12 enclosure, Stop Start Push Buttons and the following reconditioned components: Westinghouse KD3250 Main Circuit Breaker, 1 each size 3 Allen Bradley FVNR starter with Westinghouse 100 amp HMCP, 4 each size 2 Allen Bradley starters with 50 amp Westinghouse HMCP, 2 each size 1 FVNR starters with 30 amp Westinghouse HMCP, Control Power Transformer 480-120 volt, UL508A label.